Coaching to Transform Your Love & Sex Life

You may go to the gym or have a personal trainer for your body, you may find weekly inspiration for your Spirit and NOW you finally have a resource to help you spice up your love and sex life! Along with the Blissful Lotus School of Loving Arts, where I produce events, workshops and seminars […] Read more…


For amazing love & sex, rock your Love Mojo with confidence

Last week, I was in California with my mentor, and fellow entrepreneurial Goddesses, attending a powerful business coaching retreat. Being in an intimate group of powerful women, we were chatting up a storm about many yummy things.  I was the only Love & Intimacy Coach in the group, so the ladies were so intrigued about […] Read more…


7 Sassy Steps that Will Stop Bad Boring Sex for Good

If you’re like many people, you’re filled with feelings of hope and renewal as a new year ushers in the excitement of new experiences and opportunities. Since love, sensual bliss, seduction and sex make my world go round, what new aspirations do you have for this area of your life? Does it include giving yourself […] Read more…

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