Coaching to Transform Your Love & Sex Life

You may go to the gym or have a personal trainer for your body, you may find weekly inspiration for your Spirit and NOW you finally have a resource to help you spice up your love and sex life! Along with the Blissful Lotus School of Loving Arts, where I produce events, workshops and seminars […] Read more…


Man Code Lesson 2: BE THAT BITCHIN’ BABE!

Man Code Lesson 2: BE THAT BITCHIN’ BABE! by Stacey Murphy As mentioned in Lesson 1, men love confident women! Or, better said – secure, stable, got-their-shit-together men love a confident woman. Let’s face it, if you want to be in a relationship that makes your toes curl and your heart skip a beat, you […] Read more…

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4 Juicy Secrets to Fascinate Men

The number one question I hear most often is, “How can I be more appealing and mesmerizing to men?”  In our day and age of technology and how-to books, you would think the answer could be found easily, but for many it hasn’t. If I were to tell you the answer is rather simple, would […] Read more…

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